Art of Newar Buddhism, Nepal



General Information on Buddhism, Nepal, and its Sacred History

Map of Nepal and the Kathmandu Valley

Introduction to Buddhism (Text & illustrations by John C. Huntington)

Sacred History of the Kathmandu Valley, as depicted in Two Contemporary Thangka Paintings:

Ongoing Artistic Traditions

Metal Craftsmen from Mahabaudha in the city of Patan, working in the Traditional Lost Wax Casting Method. Contains images of:

Festivals and Pujas

Puja (Vasundhara puja and Pancadana Festival conducted at Haka Baha, Patan)

Ratha Jatra (The festival in which Rato Macchendranath-Karunamaya is taken from Patan to Bungamati)

Early Sculpture

Sculpture from the Licchavi Period (ca. 330 - 880)

"Asokan Caityas/Stupas of Lalitpur "

"4 Great Stupas"



Bandegaon Caitya and Lokesvara (Avalokitesvara) shrine

Baudha Stupa

Namo Buddha Stupa

Bahas and Bahis (Monastic Institutions of Newar Buddhism)

Gum Baha (See also Khadgayogini Temple under "Yogini Shrines")

Haka Baha in the city of Patan. Contains images of:

Chusya Baha in the city of Kathmandu. Contains images of:

Avalokitesvara/Macchendranath/Lokesvara Shrines (See under "Puja and Festival" section for the Ratha Jatra Festival to Rato Macchendranath)

Bungamati Temple: houses Rato (Red) Macchendranath (Bungadyah) for six months of the year.

Rato Macchendranath Temple, Patan houses Rato (Red) Macchendranath (Bungadyah) for six months in Patan

Seto Macchendranath Temple, at Jana Bahal, Kathmandu (Janbadyah)

Co Baha, Chobar: Anandadi Lokesvara Shrine

Laskadyaya Baha, Bhaktapur: Laskadyo (Avalokitesvara) Shrine

Lokesvara Baha, Nala: Lokesvara (Avalokitesvara) Shrine

Minnath Temple, Patan


Ta Baha, Thimi: Lokesvara (Avalokitesvara) Shrine

Yogini Shrines

Balaju: includes images of the Hariti Shrine and the Guhyesvari Shrine

Mhepi Ajima Shrine

Four Yogini (Catur Yogini) Shrines

Puran Guhyesvari

Vajrayogini Temple, Pharping (Vajrayogini)

Gum Baha/Khadgayogini Temple (Khadgayogini) at Sankhu.

Contains images of:

Bijesvari Temple (Akasa Yogini) at Bilasa Bahi

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